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Cool Head

Patented - Irish Patent No. S85969

News Update

January 2016
Neuropathologist attached to Dublin hospital investigated the use of brain cooling in treating concussion in sport

May 2015
Ulster University report from Professor of Biomedical Materials

March 2015
Participated in the Brain Injury Technologies Think Tank at Cambridge

October 2014
Performed demonstration at Medtec Ireland Exhibition in Galway

January 2013
Cool Brain receives Irish patent No. S85969

October 2012
Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience use Cool Brain to investigate the effects of mild induced head cooling on cognitive performance available here

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Cool Head: the brain cooler!

Oriel Medical Devices Ltd has designed and developed an instrument which is truly portable and utilises a closed loop system which accurately regulates the temperature of coolant for patients who suffer from medical conditions such as:

  • Cardiac arrest
  • Strokes
  • Head trauma
  • Birth defects
  • Hypothermia
  • Cancer

This product also overcomes the disadvantages of the hospital based systems which may be invasive; require trained medical staff and access to mains power

The system permits the heating as well as the cooling of the liquid in the closed loop. This can be important when using different attachments for different applications.

To improve patient prognosis following medical conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, head trauma, birth defects, etc… there is a significant consensus amongst the medical profession that early intervention to cool the brain is greatly beneficial.

Induced hypothermia is commonly used to cool the patients body temperature in order to achieve the improvements in prognosis.

In addition, it is known that for patient's undergoing treatments for cancers, cooling the head may ease the discomfort and assist in the retention of hair. However, present methods are generally invasive and involve whole body cooling. Cooling methods are generally restricted to a hospital environment and have potential risks to other body organs. Furthermore, many of the techniques used involve liquid coolant being introduced through nasal passages.

It has also been suggested that the system may be adapted to provide the more efficient and reliable transport of body organs for transplant purposes. The organs may be transported within the desired temperature range and then warmed to the appropriate temperature prior to transplant

The video shows the "patient" with the headset fitted & held in position with a chin strap to ensure good thermal contact on the patient's head.

Main features include:

  • System Comprises:
    • Instrument to control & display the temperature of the liquid which circulates in a closed loop system.
    • Connecting hose & head piece with additional « nape of neck » & « collar » attachments for enhanced cooling/heating.

  • Cooling: liquid temperature cools from ambient to subzero °C.
  • Heating: optional liquid heating.
  • Temperature controller: P.I.D control provides accurate temperature regulation of the circulating liquid and can display either as °C or °F
  • Patient temperature: a separate display permits the continuous monitoring of the patient's aural membrane temperature.
  • Power: operates from
    • Rechargeable batteries for approx. 60mins
    • 12V paramedic vehicle.
    • Mains power 110/220V with suitable adaptor.

This versatile instrument with cooling/heating utilises « snap fit » connectors which facilitates interchangeable and easily detachable pads which can be applied to different body parts (extending the closed loop) to:

  • Ease discomfort
  • Reduce swelling
  • Encourage soft tissue healing

Oriel Medical Devices Ltd invite enquiries/proposals from organisations/companies who have an interest in the future commercialisation of this exciting, versatile new instrument system.

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